Vinyl vs Latex Fetish Clothing: a better alternative

by Mister Pierre

The Latex Fetish Problem

While nothing compares to wearing Latex fetish clothing, that statement is a double edged sword. The big appeal of latex is the way it feels to wear it. Lubed up in a latex bodysuit or dress is a unique experience to say the least. There's the issue, the biggest appeal for latex fetish clothing is the feel for the person wearing it. 

Latex Allergy Fetish Options

The downside of latex is that about 1% of the population is allergic and among healthcare workers and others who wear it frequently that is almost 7%, which means the more you wear it the more your body takes offense. That is a hell of a price to pay for that sensation. Latex has other troubles too. It's expensive, degrades when exposed to oils and can easily be damaged. Not to mention the amount of lube you have to slather just to get into it. 

Instead of Vinyl or PVC fetish clothing

We love the look and feel of vinyl honestly but there are many reasons beyond an allergy we choose to work with this amazing fabric. First, it matches the shine and touch of Latex. It stretches and moves easier but most importantly it's way easier to care for. Our clothing lasts for years and resists stains, tears and just about everything but that flogger you're so fond of. Careful with the aim, tough guy.

Fabric Options for Latex Allergies

If you aren't in it for the lubed up sensation in the rubber suit and want a sexy, great fit with some shine on that ass. Take a look at what we do. We think you'll be impressed.