About Us

What we make is important to people. What’s more important
is that we make it right.

That was the moment that Mrs. Walker, a tailor of 40 years experience, crafted our first promise to our customers. We were standing in an adult
clothing store in Orlando studying the stitching and quality of the off-the-rack clothing offered to lovers and the kink community as a whole
and we knew that as a team we had the experience and skill to make it better.

We are shocked by the way that this industry seems to accept that quality can to be sacrificed for clothing that will “end up on the floor” and
we have decided to fight back. We pride ourselves on our workmanship, from the choice of attractive durable materials to the strong yet elegant
stitching techniques and the way we design around each of our customers individually. Our clothing won’t fall apart after a few uses like
the cheaper alternatives you find elsewhere.

The team behind Mister Pierre Fetish Fashion is bringing decades of design and tailoring experience to you to create a premium fit of clothing
which will meet the needs and desires of your lifestyle.


Mister Pierre