Mister Pierre Fall Fashion Sale

15% Off All Garments This Weekend

It's time for our Fall Fashion Sale at Mister Pierre. Get 15% off our hand made custom garments in any of our designs through
this weekend. Select from over a dozen vinyl spandex fabrics and our tailors will make your dreams come true.


Mister PierreFetish Fashion

Fall Fashion Sale

Use Coupon Code FALL15
at checkout

We are Fashion Designers

We love that special request. Our designers will even
get on a Skype consultation with you to help you get
your measurements accurate so your new garment
fits perfectly.

Why Vinyl Spandex over Latex?

  • No lubrication required
  • Same stretch and feel
  • PVC coating comes in gloss and matte colors
  • No special maintenance required   
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Be sure to enter the Coupon Code FALL15 at checkout and save on your
new Fetish Fashion Collection.